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Client Reviews

"Lee helped us reach our production goal to improve the yield from 50% to 100%. He is the perfect mechanical designer for fast moving start-ups and always presented his ideas with 3D models. This really helped us visualize and process different design options. He made it very easy to communicate our feedback and always had a quick turnaround on updates.

Lee also introduced us to local shops that improved our ability to quickly produce components and we're still very happy to work with them."


Sunga Park, Hardware Developer

Motryx Inc.

"Shad Bay Design offers a one-stop shop for product design and development and mechanical engineering. Lee has helped us from the start, from napkin to proof of concept and on to finished product. He brings along a thorough understanding of startups, prototyping and manufacturing methods. The work completed for NovaResp is more in line with what you would expect from a much larger company. But Lee completed the work at a reasonable rate, and most importantly he is accessible in our own back yard. Lee is a professional who cares deeply about our company and the outcome the product will have for the end user. This directly translates into a top tier service."

Hamed Hanafi, PhD, P.Eng

Founder & CEO


"Lee jumped right into our project and started adding value immediately. He worked with us both as a strategic advisor and hands on as designer at times. The fact that he’s been through the product development process several times was apparent, as he was comfortable both in the open-ended early design phase, as well as in helping us lay the ground strategically for later stages of manufacturing. In more ways than one, Lee considerably augmented our internal capacity; and as he was easy to work with, he did so in a seamless way that didn’t slow us down."

Chris Friesen

Co-Founder & CTO

Axem Neurotechnology

"Lee couples his can-do attitude with professionalism and engineering competence. He's not only a capable and talented design engineer, he is a knowledgeable entrepreneur who has been there and done that. Lee has a unique ability to deliver his work on time and in an enthusiastic and collegial manner."

Bill Power, P.Eng.

President & Founder
Power Forward

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