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One Good Ski Rack - a fun weekend project!

Last year, after putting the finishing touches on what would be a garage, workshop and office, I was searching for a good ski rack. The curse (and blessing) of being a product development engineer is that you can almost always come up with a way to do things better, faster or cheaper than what is available. Such was the case with the ski rack. Here were my rough requirements: expandable in case of yet more humans in the house, must fit all skis, adjustable brackets to allow for stud finding on any wall, visually appealing and less than $50 CAD. Not too demanding, or at least I didn’t think!

A few months before I completed a project for a customer who was using a lot of T-slot extrusions. One day I was visiting and found they were tossing away lengths of solid aluminum T-slot. Horror. Back to my garage they went. Where they sat, shining in their 6105 aluminum T5 silver anodized finished glory. They made for an excellent base to design a ski rack around and helped check every box on my list. Here is how you can put yours together based on my design. All files are provided for free. If you want to use them commercially please reach out.

The GA (General Assembly) drawing, below:

The full resolution download is available here:

Download PDF • 862KB

3D printed component files:

Download ZIP • 228KB

And finally, the finished product!

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